May 17, 2024
backpacks for photography gear
Discover the best backpacks for photography gear, tailored for travel photographers seeking durability and protection on the go.

Welcome to the ultimate guide for photographers in search of the perfect backpack for their gear. Whether you’re a professional travel photographer or a passionate hobbyist, having a reliable and protective camera backpack is essential. In this comprehensive guide, I will introduce you to some of the best backpacks specifically designed to meet the unique needs of photographers like you.

When it comes to selecting a camera backpack, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, you need a backpack that offers ample storage space for your photography equipment, including your camera body, lenses, filters, and other accessories. Secondly, the backpack should prioritize durability and provide protection for your gear, safeguarding it from any bumps, shocks, or adverse weather conditions.

Whether you’re embarking on an adventurous outdoor shoot or jetting off to explore new destinations, your camera backpack should be versatile and comfortable to carry. It should have features like padded straps, adjustable dividers, and ergonomic design, ensuring that you can navigate your surroundings with ease and focus on capturing those breathtaking shots.

In the following sections of this guide, I’ll present to you two outstanding camera backpack options that tick all the boxes when it comes to functionality, durability, and style. Let’s dive in and explore the world of backpacks tailored to meet the demands of travel photography!

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 – Award-winning camera backpack

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 is a top-of-the-line camera backpack designed to meet the needs of professional photographers and adventurers alike. With its sleek design and unparalleled functionality, it has become a favorite among photography enthusiasts.

This camera backpack has a spacious capacity of 30L, providing ample room for all your photography gear. Its dimensions of 24.5 x 14.2 x 7.8 inches ensure that it can comfortably accommodate your camera body, lenses, accessories, and even a laptop or tablet. Despite its generous size, the backpack weighs only 4.65 pounds, making it easy to carry on long photo shoots or journeys.

What sets the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 apart is its exceptional build quality. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer material, it combines durability with environmental consciousness. The 400D double poly-coated DWR-impregnated nylon canvas shell provides excellent resistance against wear and tear, ensuring the backpack can withstand rugged outdoor conditions. Additionally, its waterproof bottom liner safeguards your valuable camera equipment from moisture and water damage.

The backpack features durable UltraZips that ensure smooth and reliable operation even with frequent use. These high-quality zippers are designed to withstand heavy loads and prevent unwanted snagging or jamming. They offer peace of mind, knowing that your precious gear will remain secure throughout your adventures.

Comfort is also a priority for the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2. The ergonomic shoulder straps and back panel provide excellent support, allowing for extended wear without discomfort. The customizable flex fold dividers inside the backpack enable efficient organization of your camera gear, enabling quick and easy access when you need it most.

“The Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 is a game-changer for photographers. It combines stylish design, exceptional functionality, and outstanding durability, truly living up to its reputation as an award-winning camera backpack.” – John Peterson, Professional Photographer

This camera backpack is available in multiple colors, allowing you to choose one that suits your personal style. Whether you prefer a sleek black design or a vibrant, eye-catching option, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 has you covered.

In conclusion, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 is the perfect companion for photographers seeking a reliable and versatile backpack to protect their valuable camera gear. Its award-winning design and exceptional features make it a standout choice in the world of camera backpacks.

Features Specifications
Capacity 30L
Dimensions 24.5 x 14.2 x 7.8 in
Weight 4.65 lb
Material 100% recycled post-consumer material
Shell 400D double poly-coated DWR-impregnated nylon canvas
Zipper Durable UltraZips
Dividers Customizable flex fold dividers

WANDRD PRVKE – Best backpack for travel

The WANDRD PRVKE is a popular choice among travel photographers due to its exceptional features and versatility. With a capacity of 31L and dimensions of 19 x 12.5 x 7.5 in, this backpack is designed to meet the needs of photographers on the move. Weighing just 3.4 lb, it is lightweight yet made from durable and water-resistant materials, ensuring that your camera gear stays protected in any weather condition.

One standout feature of the WANDRD PRVKE is its quick side camera access, allowing you to grab your camera and capture fleeting moments without having to unpack the entire backpack. Additionally, the checkpoint-friendly laptop sleeve provides convenience during travel, as you can easily pass through airport security without removing your laptop. The magnetic tote handles add a touch of elegance and practicality, making it easy to carry the backpack in various situations.

Not only is the WANDRD PRVKE designed to cater to the needs of travel photographers, but it also offers a versatile carrying system that makes it suitable for any travel purpose. Whether you’re exploring a bustling city or venturing into the great outdoors, this backpack can adapt to your specific needs. Its thoughtfully designed compartments and organizational features provide easy access and efficient storage for all your camera gear and personal belongings.

In conclusion, the WANDRD PRVKE is a top contender for the best backpack for travel photography. Its impressive features, including quick camera access, checkpoint-friendly laptop sleeve, and versatile design, make it an ideal choice for photographers on the go. With its durability, functionality, and affordable price, the WANDRD PRVKE offers great value for money, ensuring that your gear stays protected and easily accessible during your travel adventures.


What should I consider when choosing a backpack for my photography gear?

When choosing a backpack for your photography gear, there are several factors to consider. First, make sure the backpack offers sufficient capacity to accommodate all your gear. Look for a backpack with adjustable dividers or compartments to keep your equipment organized. Additionally, check the dimensions and weight of the backpack to ensure it’s suitable for your needs. Durability and protection are also crucial, so opt for backpacks made from tough materials and those that offer water resistance. Lastly, consider the comfort of the backpack, as it should distribute weight evenly and have padded straps for extended wear.

Are the Peak Design Everyday Backpack and the WANDRD PRVKE suitable for travel photographers?

Yes, both the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 and the WANDRD PRVKE are excellent options for travel photographers. These backpacks are specifically designed to meet the needs of photographers on the go, offering features that make them ideal for travel. They provide ample space to store camera gear, protective compartments to keep equipment safe, and additional pockets for personal items. Moreover, they are made from durable materials and offer comfort during long journeys, making them perfect companions for travel photography.

Can the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 and the WANDRD PRVKE hold a significant amount of camera gear?

Yes, both the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 and the WANDRD PRVKE have ample capacity to accommodate a considerable amount of camera gear. The Peak Design backpack has a capacity of 30L, while the WANDRD PRVKE offers 31L of space. They feature customizable dividers and compartments that allow you to organize your gear efficiently. Whether you have multiple cameras, lenses, or accessories, these backpacks ensure you can carry all your essential photography equipment with ease.

Which backpack offers better protection for my camera gear?

Both the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 and the WANDRD PRVKE offer excellent protection for your camera gear. The Peak Design backpack boasts a robust build with a double poly-coated nylon shell and waterproof bottom liner to shield your equipment from the elements. Similarly, the WANDRD PRVKE is made from durable and water-resistant materials to provide reliable protection. Both backpacks also have padded compartments to prevent damage from impact. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Are the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 and the WANDRD PRVKE available in different colors?

Yes, both the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 and the WANDRD PRVKE are available in multiple colors. The Peak Design backpack offers various color options, such as black, ash, charcoal, and midnight. The WANDRD PRVKE also comes in different color variations, including black, blue, green, and gray. These color choices allow you to select a backpack that aligns with your personal style and preferences.

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