May 16, 2024
dick's sporting goods north face backpack

Searching for top-notch North Face backpacks for your outdoor adventures? Look no further than Dick’s Sporting Goods! With their extensive collection, they offer a wide range of backpacks designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts like you.

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a wide selection of North Face backpacks that are known for their durability and functionality. Whether you’re heading out for a hiking adventure or need a reliable backpack for everyday use, these backpacks have got you covered.

These North Face backpacks are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, making them perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. They are made from high-quality materials that are built to last, ensuring that they can handle rough terrain and challenging weather conditions.

Functionality is also a key feature of these backpacks. They are equipped with padded straps, allowing for comfortable carrying even during long hikes or walks. Multiple compartments and pockets make it easy to organize your gear and keep everything within reach. Additionally, the water-resistant materials ensure that your belongings stay dry even in wet conditions.

Key Features of North Face Backpacks:

  • Durable construction to withstand outdoor adventures
  • Padded straps for comfortable carrying
  • Ample storage space with multiple compartments
  • Water-resistant materials to protect your gear

These North Face backpacks at Dick’s Sporting Goods combine both durability and functionality, making them the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

Backpack Model Features Price
North Face Borealis Backpack 15-inch laptop sleeve, fleece-lined pocket, multiple compartments $89.99
North Face Recon Backpack Large main compartment, padded shoulder straps, front stash pocket $99.99
North Face Jester Backpack FlexVent suspension system, front accessory pocket, 15-inch laptop sleeve $69.99

With their durability, functionality, and stylish designs, North Face backpacks from Dick’s Sporting Goods are the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re going on a hike, camping trip, or simply need a reliable backpack for everyday use, these backpacks will exceed your expectations.

Visit Dick’s Sporting Goods today and explore the wide range of North Face backpacks available to find the perfect one for your next outdoor adventure.

Choose the Right North Face Backpack for Your Outdoor Adventure

When it comes to outdoor adventures, having the right backpack is essential. At Dick’s Sporting Goods, we offer a wide selection of North Face backpacks to suit different outdoor activities. Whether you’re planning a hiking trip, a camping getaway, or a travel adventure, we have the perfect backpack for you.

Hiking Backpacks

For avid hikers, our hiking backpacks are designed with features to enhance your outdoor experience. These backpacks are equipped with hydration compatibility, allowing you to stay hydrated during long hikes. They also feature adjustable suspension systems to ensure optimal comfort and weight distribution. With ample storage space and convenient compartments, our hiking backpacks are the perfect companion for your next trek through nature.

Camping Backpacks

If camping is your passion, our camping backpacks are built to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors. These backpacks offer generous space for all your camping gear, including specialized compartments for your sleeping bag and tent. With durable materials and ergonomic designs, our camping backpacks ensure that you’re prepared for any camping adventure.

Travel Backpacks

For those who love to explore new destinations, our travel backpacks are designed with convenience in mind. These backpacks feature convenient compartments and pockets, including laptop sleeves to keep your devices safe while on the go. With TSA-friendly designs and comfortable features, our travel backpacks are the perfect companion for your next travel adventure.

Choose the right North Face backpack for your outdoor adventure at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or traveling, our backpacks provide durability, functionality, and style. Visit us today and gear up for your next outdoor escapade.

hiking backpack

Stay Organized with North Face Backpacks for School and Work

The North Face backpacks available at Dick’s Sporting Goods are not just for outdoor adventures—they are also suitable for school and work. With their durable construction and thoughtful design, these backpacks offer the perfect combination of functionality and style for everyday use.

Laptop Backpacks for Work

For professionals who need to carry their laptops and other work essentials, the North Face laptop backpacks are the ideal choice. These backpacks feature padded compartments to keep your devices safe and secure while on the go. With multiple pockets and compartments, you can easily organize your documents, office supplies, and other work-related items. Whether you are commuting to the office or traveling for business, these backpacks provide the convenience and functionality you need.

School Backpacks for Students

Students of all ages can find the perfect North Face backpack at Dick’s Sporting Goods. From elementary school to college, these backpacks offer durability and ample storage space for books, notebooks, and school supplies. With a variety of sizes and designs to choose from, students can express their personal style while staying organized and prepared for the school day.

Functional Features

  • Padded straps for comfortable carrying
  • Water bottle pockets for hydration
  • Organizational compartments for easy access to essentials
  • Laptop sleeves for device protection

These features make North Face backpacks the perfect companion for both school and work, ensuring that you can carry everything you need in a comfortable and organized manner. Whether you’re heading to class or to the office, these backpacks have got you covered.

Backpack Features
North Face Jester Backpack Padded laptop sleeve, front utility pocket, comfortable shoulder straps
North Face Borealis Backpack FlexVent suspension system, padded mesh back panel, multiple compartments
North Face Recon Backpack Padded, fleece-lined tablet sleeve, external bungee system, reflective details

Be Prepared for Any Weather with Waterproof North Face Backpacks

When embarking on outdoor adventures, it’s crucial to be prepared for any weather conditions that may arise. That’s why Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a selection of waterproof North Face backpacks, designed to keep your gear dry and protected. These backpacks feature innovative materials and construction, ensuring that your belongings stay safe no matter the forecast.

For day trips or shorter excursions, consider a waterproof daypack. These smaller backpacks are perfect for carrying your essentials and are often equipped with water-resistant features. Whether you’re exploring a national park or heading out for a hike, a waterproof daypack will keep your gear dry and secure.

If you’re planning longer outdoor adventures that may involve camping or multi-day hikes, a waterproof outdoor backpack is a must-have. These backpacks are designed with durability in mind, offering enhanced resistance to the elements. With ample storage space and specialized compartments for gear such as sleeping bags or tents, they provide both functionality and protection.

Investing in a waterproof North Face backpack ensures that you can enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about the weather. Whether you’re exploring a rainforest, trekking through mountains, or simply navigating a city during a sudden downpour, these backpacks will keep your belongings safe and dry. Shop at Dick’s Sporting Goods today and gear up for your next adventure!

Table: Comparison of Waterproof North Face Backpacks

Backpack Model Waterproof Rating Capacity Special Features
North Face Waterproof Daypack IPX7 20L Water-resistant zippers, padded laptop sleeve
North Face Outdoor Backpack IPX8 40L Integrated rain cover, adjustable suspension system
North Face Camping Backpack IPX6 60L Separate sleeping bag compartment, reinforced bottom


Dick’s Sporting Goods is the ultimate destination for outdoor enthusiasts in search of top-quality North Face backpacks. Whether you’re planning a hiking trip, camping adventure, or simply need a reliable backpack for school or work, Dick’s Sporting Goods has you covered.

With an extensive collection of durable and functional backpacks, there’s something for every outdoor activity. The backpacks are designed to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors, offering ample storage space and features like padded straps and water-resistant materials for optimal functionality.

For those who frequently face unpredictable weather, Dick’s Sporting Goods also offers a range of waterproof North Face backpacks. These backpacks are constructed with waterproof materials to keep your gear dry in adverse conditions, ensuring you stay prepared no matter the weather.

So, gear up for your next outdoor adventure by visiting Dick’s Sporting Goods today. Explore their wide selection of North Face backpacks and find the perfect one to suit your specific needs. With their commitment to quality and durability, you can trust Dick’s Sporting Goods to provide you with the best backpacks for your outdoor pursuits.


Are these North Face backpacks available only for outdoor activities?

No, the North Face backpacks at Dick’s Sporting Goods are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts as well as for everyday use, including school and work.

Do these backpacks come with specific features for hiking and camping?

Yes, the collection includes hiking backpacks and camping backpacks with features like hydration compatibility, adjustable suspension systems, and specialized compartments for camping gear.

Are there backpacks available for travel purposes?

Yes, we offer travel backpacks designed with convenient features like laptop sleeves and TSA-friendly designs.

Do the North Face backpacks have compartments for laptops and other devices?

Absolutely, our laptop backpacks offer padded compartments to keep your devices safe while on the go.

Are there backpacks specifically designed for school use?

Yes, we have school backpacks in various sizes and designs to accommodate different grade levels.

Can I find backpacks with waterproof features?

Yes, we offer waterproof North Face backpacks that feature waterproof materials and construction to keep your gear dry in wet conditions.

What are daypacks, and how are they different from other backpacks?

Daypacks are smaller backpacks, ideal for day trips. They often come equipped with water-resistant features.

Are there backpacks specifically designed for extended outdoor adventures?

Yes, we offer outdoor backpacks that are designed to withstand the elements and offer enhanced durability.

Where can I find high-quality North Face backpacks?

Dick’s Sporting Goods is the go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking for high-quality North Face backpacks.

Can I find a variety of options for different outdoor activities at Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Absolutely, our extensive collection offers options for various outdoor activities, from hiking and camping to school and work.

What should I consider when choosing a North Face backpack?

You should consider factors such as the specific features required for your outdoor activity, the size and style of the backpack, and the level of durability and functionality you desire.

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