April 18, 2024

FACTS –The Consumer Product Safety Commission evaluates that half dozen, 512 ER visits per annum resulting from backpack-related injuries. Sixtieth of youths can expertise a minimum of 1 low back pain episode thanks to improper use. Fifty-five scholars carry quite the suggested tips of ten – fifteenth of their weight.

Did you know?

Twelve pounds in your kid’s backpack X ten lifts per day = one hundred twenty pounds per day X a hundred and eighty college day annually = 21, 600 pounds upraised in one faculty year!

Safety Tips

Backpacks may cause painful back and neck issues and injuries that will result in future medical problems.

Backpack Safety tips for kids and toddler backpacks advise children to not carry something on their back in way over fifteen % of their total weight. For instance, a young child weighing: fifty pounds ought to carry no quite seven.5 lbs – eighty pounds ought to carry no quite twelve lbs – a hundred pounds should carry no more than fifteen lbs – a hundred thirty pounds should carry no more than nineteen. 5 lbs – a hundred and fifty pounds ought to carry no quite twenty two.5 lbs.

POSTURAL EXAMINATION – Follow these steps to test the kid for correct posture: Standing behind your child, have your kid shut their eyes.

Check the extent of the top, ears, shoulders, and hips to ensure: If their level and also the backbone is straight. If one facet is higher compared to the opposite and a spinal curve exists. A spinal curve will place pressure on the joints, discs, and nerves. Check from the facet to ensure: Ears are directly over the shoulder. Shoulders are directly over the hips. Hips are directly over the knees. Check your child once sporting a backpack. Posture ought to still be correct. If you see any signs of bodily property imbalance or your child has been whining of neck and back pain contact your Dr. of treatment.


1.The correct size: Opt for a backpack that’s the correct size for your child. Attempt to avoid serious materials.

2. Keep organized: Once your kid is aware of what classes/homework assignments are turning out, they’ll be higher ready to pack what they have and, a lot of significantly, skip what they don’t.

3. Weigh the bag: Confirm the child’s backpack weighs no quite tenth of his or her weight. If it weighs a lot of, confirm what provides will occupy the home or at college day by day to reduce the load.

4. Confirm they wear the bag properly: Change straps for the foremost comfy and validatory work and encourage your kid to avoid carrying the backpack on one shoulder.

5.Rolling backpack: This kind of kids backpack is also an honest selection for college students who should tote a significant load. Keep in mind that rolling backpacks still should be carried upstairs. They’ll be troublesome to appear the snow.


Narrow straps probe your shoulders and interfere along with your nervous and cardiovascular system inflicting tingling and weakness in your arms and hands. Wearing a backpack on one shoulder may cause you to lean to the side to make up for the extra weight. This could develop shoulder and neck pain, Upper and low back pain, Misalignment of the backbone, Muscle fatigue.

Overloaded backpacks may cause stress on the backbone. By placing a heavy weight on your shoulders, the weight’s force might pull you backward. To compensate, you bend forward on your hips or arch your back causing your vertebral column to compress unnaturally.

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