April 19, 2024
backpacks with laptop sleeves
Explore the best backpacks with laptop sleeves for secure, stylish tech travel. Perfect for digital nomads and everyday commutes.

When it comes to traveling, I never leave home without my laptop. As a digital nomad, my laptop is my lifeline, allowing me to work, stay connected, and indulge in my favorite shows and movies during long flights or hotel stays. But carrying a laptop around can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have the right gear to protect it.

On a recent trip, I learned this lesson the hard way. I had packed my laptop loosely in my backpack, thinking it would be fine. However, during a crowded bus ride, I accidentally knocked my bag against a metal railing, and my heart sank as I heard a loud thud from inside.

With a sinking feeling, I opened my bag to find my laptop with a cracked screen. It was devastating. Not only did I lose an essential tool for my work, but I also lost precious memories stored on my device.

Determined never to repeat this mistake, I began my search for the perfect backpack with a laptop sleeve. I wanted something that not only protected my laptop but also had enough space to store my other digital nomad essentials, such as chargers, cables, and headphones.

After much research and testing, I discovered that backpacks with laptop sleeves were not only practical but also trendy and fashionable. Celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and Emma Stone were all spotted sporting stylish backpacks that offered protection for their laptops while adding a touch of personal style to their outfits.

These tech-savvy backpacks are not just limited to celebrities. They are becoming increasingly popular among digital nomads, students, and frequent travelers who understand the importance of keeping their laptops safe and secure on the go.

So, whether you’re a digital nomad, a student, or someone who simply needs a backpack for everyday use, investing in a backpack with a laptop sleeve is a wise decision. It will not only protect your valuable device but also provide convenient storage and organization options for your other digital essentials.

In this article, I will be sharing my top picks for the best backpacks with laptop sleeves. From sustainable options to stylish designs, these backpacks have been tested and compared to ensure they meet the needs of tech-savvy travelers like you. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect backpack to keep our laptops protected and our travel experiences seamless.

Solo Re:Define Backpack – The Sustainable Choice

The Solo Re:Define Backpack is a sustainable and durable laptop backpack that has passed our lab tests and real-world travel experiences. Made with recycled PET polyester sourced from plastic water bottles, this backpack is not only eco-friendly but also water-resistant and easy to clean. It offers a spacious interior, protected laptop sleeve, small organization pockets, and water bottle pockets. The cushioned straps and back panel provide comfort while carrying, and the USB port allows for on-the-go charging. With a laptop size of 15.6 inches, this backpack is perfect for tech-savvy travelers who value sustainability.

In our durability tests, the Solo Re:Define Backpack proved to be exceptionally resilient, withstanding various elements and heavy loads without any signs of wear and tear. The use of recycled PET polyester not only helps reduce plastic waste but also provides strength and durability to the backpack, ensuring it will last for years of travel adventures.

Organization is made easy with the Solo Re:Define Backpack. The spacious interior can accommodate all your travel essentials, from your laptop and tablet to your notebooks and chargers. The protected laptop sleeve ensures your device stays safe and secure throughout your journey. The small organization pockets are perfect for storing smaller items such as pens, keys, and headphones, while the water bottle pockets keep you hydrated on the go.

Comfort is a top priority with the Solo Re:Define Backpack. The cushioned straps and back panel provide support and alleviate pressure on your shoulders and back, even during long hours of wearing the backpack. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on exploring your destination.

Bagsmart Laptop Backpack – Style and Functionality Combined

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Bagsmart Laptop Backpack, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in both style and functionality. This backpack is the perfect companion for tech-savvy travelers who value convenience and versatility.

Spacious and Organized

The Bagsmart Laptop Backpack boasts a large capacity design, offering ample space to store your laptop, accessories, and personal items. Its multiple pockets, including a dedicated laptop sleeve, provide convenient organization options so you can easily find what you need.

Durable and Water-Resistant

Made from high-quality water-resistant polyester, this backpack keeps your belongings safe and dry even in unpredictable weather conditions. No more worrying about sudden rain showers or accidental spills damaging your essentials!

Comfortable and Convenient

The adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit, allowing you to carry your belongings with ease. In addition, the Bagsmart Laptop Backpack features a hidden pocket for securing valuable items and a USB charging port for convenient on-the-go charging.

Compatible with Most Laptops

With a designated laptop compartment that accommodates up to a 15.6-inch laptop, this backpack is compatible with most laptops on the market. You can travel confidently knowing that your device is well protected.

Overall, the Bagsmart Laptop Backpack combines style and functionality in a practical and affordable package. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a digital nomad, this backpack is sure to meet your needs and enhance your travel experience.

Lo & Sons Backpack – Style Meets Function

The Lo & Sons Backpack is a stylish and functional option for tech-savvy travelers. With its chic design, this backpack stands out while still providing plenty of space for a laptop and other essentials. Made with premium nylon, it is durable and water-resistant. The backpack offers many compartments for organized storage and comes with various hardware and interior color options. It is available in two sizes, but please note that neither size fits laptops larger than 13 inches.

Key Features of the Lo & Sons Backpack:

  • Stylish design that combines fashion and functionality
  • Made with durable and water-resistant premium nylon
  • Spacious compartments for organized storage
  • Available in various hardware and interior color options
  • Two sizes to choose from

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Lo & Sons Backpack. Whether you’re a digital nomad, a student, or a frequent traveler, this backpack is designed to meet your needs. Its durable material ensures that your belongings stay safe and protected, while the sleek design adds a touch of elegance to your travel ensemble. Don’t compromise on style or functionality – choose the Lo & Sons Backpack for your next adventure.

Material Size Color Options
Premium Nylon Two sizes available Various options

Nomatic Travel Backpack – The All-Around Pick

The Nomatic Travel Backpack is the ultimate choice for travelers seeking versatility, convenience, and durability. Designed to adapt to various travel situations, this backpack is suitable for daily commutes, day trips, and even as an airplane carry-on.

One of the standout features of the Nomatic Travel Backpack is its TSA locks, which provide peace of mind during security checks. Your belongings will remain safe and secure as you navigate through airports and other travel hubs.

When it comes to protecting your laptop, the Nomatic Travel Backpack has you covered. It boasts a plush padded laptop pocket that ensures your device stays safe and secure during your journey. Whether you’re a digital nomad or simply need to stay connected while on the go, this backpack provides the necessary protection for your valuable electronics.

What sets the Nomatic Travel Backpack apart is its thoughtful design. Its expandable size allows you to open the backpack like a clamshell, making packing and organizing a breeze. With multiple organization pockets, cable pass-throughs, and external pockets for water bottles or umbrellas, you can keep all your essentials within easy reach.

The separate laptop compartment is designed with convenience in mind. It can be unzipped and laid flat for TSA screening, allowing you to breeze through airport security checkpoints without the hassle of removing your laptop from the bag.

Constructed with quality materials and built to withstand the rigors of travel, the Nomatic Travel Backpack offers exceptional durability. This backpack is an investment that will serve you well on countless adventures, providing comfort, functionality, and style.

Experience the ultimate in travel versatility with the Nomatic Travel Backpack. Whether you’re exploring new cities, embarking on outdoor adventures, or simply need a reliable everyday backpack, this all-around pick has you covered.

Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks – Style and Functionality Combined

The Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks collection is designed keeping modern travelers in mind. These backpacks offer a perfect blend of style and functionality, making them ideal for tech-savvy individuals who value both aesthetics and practicality.

One standout feature of the Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks is the TSA locks, which provide hassle-free security checks during your travels. With these locks, you can easily comply with airport regulations without compromising the safety of your belongings.

Another remarkable aspect of these backpacks is the padded laptop pocket. It ensures that your laptop stays protected and secure during transit. The plush padding acts as a cushion, reducing the risk of damage caused by bumps or accidental drops.

In addition to the laptop pocket, the Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks also offer an array of small pockets designed specifically to accommodate your electronic essentials. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, power bank, or charging cables, you can conveniently stow and organize them in these dedicated compartments.

With a strong emphasis on style and functionality, the Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks elevate your travel experience. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring new cities, or embarking on outdoor adventures, these backpacks combine the best of both worlds.

Features Benefits
TSA locks Effortless security checks at airports
Padded laptop pocket Ensures optimal protection for your laptop
Multiple small pockets Convenient organization of electronic essentials

Explore the Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks collection today and find the perfect backpack that combines style, functionality, and security to suit your individual needs.

Tech Savvy Backpacks – Stylish and High-Performance Options

When it comes to tech-savvy travel, having a backpack with a laptop sleeve is essential. Whether you’re a digital nomad, a frequent traveler, or simply need a backpack for everyday commuting, there are plenty of stylish and high-performance options available. From sustainable backpacks to versatile designs, these backpacks offer features such as USB charging ports, durable materials, and organized storage.

One popular option is the Solo Re:Define Backpack. Made with recycled PET polyester sourced from plastic water bottles, this sustainable backpack not only protects the environment but also offers water-resistant and easy-to-clean properties. With its spacious interior, protected laptop sleeve, and small organization pockets, it ensures that your belongings stay organized and secure. The cushioned straps and back panel provide comfort, making it ideal for long journeys. Additionally, the USB charging port allows you to conveniently charge your devices on the go.

Another excellent choice is the Bagsmart Laptop Backpack. This backpack combines style and functionality with its large capacity and water-resistant polyester material. It features multiple pockets, including a laptop sleeve for laptops up to 15.6 inches. The adjustable straps, USB charging port, and hidden pockets further enhance its convenience and utility.

If style is your priority, consider the Lo & Sons Backpack. With its chic design and premium nylon construction, it offers both durability and water resistance. The backpack provides ample space for essentials and a laptop up to 13 inches. Multiple compartments and hardware options allow for easy organization, making it a fashionable choice for tech-savvy travelers.

For those seeking a versatile option, the Nomatic Travel Backpack stands out. This backpack is suitable for various purposes, including day trips and airplane carry-ons. It boasts TSA locks for hassle-free security checks and a plush padded laptop pocket for maximum protection. The expandable size allows for easy packing, while cable pass-throughs and external pockets offer convenient storage options.

Backpack Features Laptop Size
Solo Re:Define Backpack Sustainable, water-resistant, USB charging port Up to 15.6 inches
Bagsmart Laptop Backpack Water-resistant polyester, multiple pockets, USB charging port Up to 15.6 inches
Lo & Sons Backpack Stylish design, durable material, multiple compartments Up to 13 inches
Nomatic Travel Backpack Versatile, TSA locks, expandable size Varies

To meet your tech-savvy travel needs, the Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks collection is worth considering. With features like TSA locks and a padded laptop pocket, these backpacks ensure the safety and security of your electronic essentials. Explore the collection to find the perfect balance between style and functionality.

With a wide range of options available, you can find the ideal backpack to protect your laptop while on the go. Invest in a tech-savvy backpack that offers style, durability, and high performance, allowing you to travel confidently and securely with your valuable devices.

tech-savvy backpacks

Summer Collection – Stay Stylish and Tech-Savvy

Discover the latest summer collection of backpacks that will keep you both stylish and tech-savvy. These backpacks are designed to offer a perfect combination of fashion-forward aesthetics and functional features, making them ideal for travel and everyday use. With built-in laptop sleeves and thoughtfully designed compartments, you can easily stay organized while carrying your devices and essential items with ease.

Explore the summer collection below and find the perfect backpack that suits your personal style and tech needs:

Backpack Description

Sleek and Modern

  • Minimalist design
  • High-quality material

“This backpack is a versatile option that suits both casual and professional settings while keeping your tech devices protected.”

tech-savvy backpack

Urban Chic

  • Trendy style
  • Ample storage space

“With its vibrant colors and tech-savvy features, this backpack will make a fashion statement while ensuring your devices stay secure.”

Casual and Functional

  • Durable material
  • Multiple compartments

“This backpack offers a stylish look combined with practical features, making it a reliable companion for all your adventures.”

These backpacks from the summer collection are not only fashion-forward but also highly functional. They allow you to carry your tech devices and personal belongings effortlessly, ensuring everything stays organized and protected throughout your travels.

Find your perfect match from the summer collection and stay stylish and tech-savvy wherever you go.

Travel Accessories – Enhance Your Tech-Savvy Travel

Enhance your tech-savvy travel experience with the right accessories. When on the go, it’s important to have the necessary tools to keep your devices protected and your electronic essentials organized. From cable organizers to portable power banks, these travel accessories can make your journey more convenient and efficient.

Stay Organized with Laptop Sleeves and Cases

One of the most essential travel accessories for tech-savvy travelers is a laptop sleeve or case. These protective covers ensure that your laptop stays safe from scratches, bumps, and minor accidents while you’re on the move. Look for a laptop sleeve or case that offers cushioning and a snug fit to prevent any damage to your valuable device.

Keep Your Cables Tangle-Free with Cable Organizers

Tangled cables can be a nuisance and waste valuable time when you’re trying to set up your devices. Invest in a cable organizer to keep your charging cables, headphones, and other cords neatly stored. These organizers typically come with separate compartments or elastic straps to hold your cables securely and prevent them from tangling.

Never Run Out of Power with Portable Power Banks

Running out of battery power on your devices can be a major inconvenience, especially when you’re traveling. Make sure you always have a portable power bank on hand to keep your devices charged on the go. Look for a power bank with a high capacity and multiple charging ports so that you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Stay Organized with Travel-Friendly Pouches or Organizers

When traveling with electronic essentials such as chargers, adapters, and USB drives, it’s important to keep them organized and easily accessible. Consider using travel-friendly pouches or organizers with designated compartments for each item. This will help you stay organized and prevent any misplacing or tangling of your electronic accessories.

Travel Accessory Description
Laptop Sleeve A protective cover designed to shield your laptop from scratches and minor accidents.
Cable Organizer A storage solution for keeping your charging cables and cords neatly organized and tangle-free.
Portable Power Bank A portable device that provides backup power for your electronic devices on the go.
Travel-Friendly Pouch/Organizer A compact storage solution with designated compartments for organizing your electronic accessories.

By investing in these travel accessories, you can ensure that your tech-savvy travel experience is smooth, organized, and hassle-free. Protect your devices with laptop sleeves or cases, keep your cables tangle-free with cable organizers, never run out of power with portable power banks, and stay organized with travel-friendly pouches or organizers. With the right accessories, you can enhance your travel experience and have peace of mind knowing that your electronic essentials are well-protected.


When it comes to tech-savvy travel, having a backpack with a laptop sleeve is crucial. Not only does it protect your valuable device, but it also provides convenient storage and organization options. With a wide range of options available, from sustainable designs to stylish choices, there is a backpack to suit every traveler’s needs.

When selecting a backpack, consider factors such as durability, storage capacity, comfort, and additional features like USB charging ports. A durable backpack will withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring your laptop stays well-protected. Ample storage capacity allows you to carry other essentials while keeping them organized.

Comfort is key, especially when carrying your backpack for long periods. Look for padded straps and back panels that provide sufficient support. Additionally, features like USB charging ports can enhance your convenience on the go, allowing you to charge your devices without hassle.

With the right backpack, you can travel confidently and securely with your laptop. Whether you’re a digital nomad, a frequent traveler, or someone who needs a laptop on the go, a backpack with a laptop sleeve is an essential accessory. Invest in a high-quality backpack that meets your needs and enjoy a tech-savvy travel experience, knowing that your laptop is well-protected.


What should I consider when choosing a travel laptop backpack?

When choosing a travel laptop backpack, factors to consider include style, functionality, durability, storage design, and tech features such as a USB charging port.

What is the Solo Re:Define Backpack made of?

The Solo Re:Define Backpack is made with recycled PET polyester sourced from plastic water bottles.

What size laptop does the Solo Re:Define Backpack accommodate?

The Solo Re:Define Backpack accommodates laptops up to 15.6 inches in size.

What are the key features of the Bagsmart Laptop Backpack?

The Bagsmart Laptop Backpack offers ample storage space, multiple pockets, water-resistant polyester material, adjustable straps, and a USB charging port.

What size laptop fits in the Bagsmart Laptop Backpack?

The Bagsmart Laptop Backpack accommodates laptops up to 15.6 inches in size.

Does the Lo & Sons Backpack fit laptops larger than 13 inches?

No, both sizes of the Lo & Sons Backpack are designed to fit laptops up to 13 inches in size.

What materials are used to make the Nomatic Travel Backpack?

The Nomatic Travel Backpack is made with quality materials and features a durable construction.

Does the Nomatic Travel Backpack have a separate laptop compartment?

Yes, the Nomatic Travel Backpack has a plush padded laptop pocket that can be unzipped and laid flat for TSA screening.

What are the key features of the Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks collection?

The Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks collection features TSA locks, a plush padded laptop pocket, and various small pockets for electronic essentials.

Do the Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks have laptop sleeves?

Yes, the Mark Ryden Tech Savvy Backpacks have a plush padded laptop pocket to safeguard your devices.

Are there any laptop size restrictions for the tech-savvy backpacks?

No, the tech-savvy backpacks generally accommodate laptops of various sizes.

Can I find stylish backpacks with laptop sleeves in the summer collection?

Yes, the summer collection offers a combination of stylish backpacks with laptop sleeves for tech-savvy travelers.

What type of accessories can enhance my tech-savvy travel experience?

Accessories such as laptop sleeves, cable organizers, and travel-friendly pouches can enhance your tech-savvy travel experience.

Why is a backpack with a laptop sleeve crucial for tech-savvy travel?

A backpack with a laptop sleeve protects your valuable device and provides convenient storage and organization options while traveling.

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